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Made in NH

THANK YOU for an incredible year!  

As of Dec 13, 2022 - Feb 1, 2023 our online products are unavailable.  PLEASE find our products at The Gilford Country Store 1134 Lakeshore Rd. Gilford, NH or Manchester Craft Market in the Mall of NH.  Any questions please feel free to email.  

Happy Holidays from Smittens!

Bandana Fleece Set

Women's bandana print fleece set.  Double layer of fleece for extra warmth.  Scarf, Hat & Mittens Set

Women's Bandana Fleece Mittens

Women's bandana print fleece mittens lined with fleece

Women's Bandana Fleece Hat

Women's bandana print fleece hat lined with fleece.

Bandana Fleece Scarf

Bandana print scarf backed with black fleece.

Grey Medallion Fleece Set

Medallion Print Fleece 3 piece Set

Medallion Women's Mittens

Women's medallion print fleece mittens lined with fleece.

Medallion print fleece scarf

Medallion print fleece scarf backed with black fleece

Medallion Fleece Hat

Women's medallion print fleece hat, lined with fleece.

Red Buffalo Check Set 3pc

Red Buffalo check fleece 3 piece set.  Hat, scarf and mittens lined with black fleece.  Men's & Women's sizes

Men's Buffalo Check Fleece Mittens

Men's buffalo check fleece mittens lined with black fleece.

Women's Buffalo Check Fleece Mittens

Women's fleece buffalo check mittens lined with fleece

Red Buffalo Check Fleece Hat Men's & Women's 

Red Buffalo check fleece hat, lined with black fleece in Med, Large & XL Sizes

Red Buffalo Check Fleece Scarf

Red Buffalo Check Fleece Scarf, Backed with black fleece

Green Buffalo Check Fleece Set

Green Buffalo check fleece hat, scarf & mittens lined with fleece. 

3 piece set

Green Buffalo Check Fleece Mittens Men's & Women's

Green Buffalo Check Fleece mittens lined with fleece in men's or women's sizes

Green Buffalo Check Fleece Hat

Green Buffalo check fleece hat lined with fleece in Med, Large and XL sizes

Green Buffalo Check Scarf

Green Buffalo Check Scarf backed with black fleece

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